Frequently asked questions

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If you're just browsing the site, you won't need to create an account. When you're ready to book your first StarFace, we do ask that you create an account so we can keep you posted on your request's status. All of your StarFaces will be saved to your StarFace account in the app :)

A Business StarFace is a StarFace video that you can use to promote your business, product, charity, side hustle, etc., OR a really awesome way to have a celebrity give your team some props at your next meeting.


Let's say that you just launched your new biz, but you're having trouble getting the word out. You can request a Business StarFace from TJ Lavin where he hypes up your business, and then you can use that Business StarFace on one of your business's social media channels for 30 days.


Boom! Now everyone wants to be your customer!

Once your request has been fulfilled, you'll receive an email, push, or text notification depending on the type of notification preferences you selected at checkout.

We'd love to have you! You can apply to become Talent on StarFace here. Just a heads up: Applying doesn't guarantee that you will be able to join StarFace.